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Agreement to realise the first France-based facility for producing PHAs biopolymers from sugar beet co-products (28 July 2015)

 cropped Selektope Logo     Selektope voted for European Union approval (13 Juli 2015)


Worlds first floating tidal BlueTEC platform ready for electricity generation (9 April 2015)
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Texel krijgt eerst getijdencentrale (29 October 2014)
Bio-On awarded as most innovative EU biotech SME 2014 (8 October 2014)
I-Tech’s Selektope® approved in China (September 2014)
Bio-On among leading green innovations (September 2014)
Bio-On among the five most innovative biotech SMEs in Europe (September 2014)

Bio-On earns USDA certified biobased product certification and label (September 2014)
I-Tech signs supply agreement with CMP (July 2014)
Bio-on (May 2014)
Polymers Paint Colour Journal (March 2014)
Coatings World (5 February 2014)
MVO Nederland (January 2014)
Duurzaam Geproduceerd (14 January 2014)
Agro en Chemie (14 January 2014)
Kunststof Magazine (13 January 2014)
Kunststof en Rubber (10 January 2014)
Eindhovens Dagblad (10 January 2014)
Flyer The Ocean of Tomorrow Projects (2010-2013) - Joint Research Forces to Meet Challenges in Ocean Management