BioLog Biotechnologie und Logistik GmbH

Logo BioLogSince its foundation 20 years ago, BioLog Biotechnologie und Logistik GmbH (BioLog) has established itself to one of the world market leaders in the chitin and chitosan business. The production facility in Landsberg near Leipzig / Halle with laboratory, offices and 1000 m² production hall offers BioLog optimal conditions for the symbiosis of research and production. The standardised biopolymers are specifically processed to ready-to-use products and optimised for their versatile applications such as the agricultural or pharmaceutical industries. BioLog has state-of-the-art equipment to produce solutions, mixtures and derivatives in various quantities. The team of engineers and biotechnologists has extensive expertise in polymer chemistry, knowing the special properties and modification possibilities of the natural polymers chitin and chitosan as well as their exact analysis/characterisation. BioLog is able to produce chitosan with different molecular weight and degree of deacetylation under controlled conditions and has already experiences in the development of chitosan based coatings.