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Logo Bio-OnBio-On srl is an Intellectual Property (IP) Company based in the Bologna area, Italy (web site It was founded in 2007 with the aim to work in the field of the modern biotechnologies applied to widely used materials. In particular the 100% of its products/solutions is based on renewable resources or agricultural processing waste materials. The Company holds the proprietary rights for producing linear polyesters, namely Polyhydroxyalkanoates-PHAs (truly biological plastic), through an innovative biotechnology completely based on natural bacterial fermentation of agricultural wastes, such as molasses from sugar beets and residues of sugar canes. A huge work of selection of natural bacteria along the years, avoiding any use of GMOs, allowed the development of several grades of PHAs, that are spontaneously accumulated as energy storage by bacteria feeded with sugars. PHAs are 100% bio-based, fully biodegradable plastic materials that can be considered as the best candidates for traditional oil-based plastics replacement thanks to their excellent balance of physical, thermal and mechanical properties. Bio-On produces on its own and licences world-wide the production of PHA through its patented technology. The plants currently producing PHA in the Italian head-quarter of Bio-On are on laboratory scale (6 liters fermentors) and pre-industrial scale (1.400 liters fermentors); the availability of these facilities allows the fine tuning of the conditions for fermentation, to direct the production of PHAs with different molecular structures; at present the Company produces several controlled grades of the rigid semicrystalline homopolymer poly(hydroxy butirate) (PHB) and the flexible copolymer poly(hydroxy butirate-co-valerate) (PHBV). The grades differ from molecular composition, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, rheological properties and chemical functionality.